Stop the Invasion at the Source

Stop the Invasion at the Source

Hire an ant exterminator in Sanford or Lake Mary, FL

Ants can be an especially annoying pest. When you see one, that likely means there are thousands or even millions more in the colony. They can wreak havoc on your kitchen, leaving trails along baseboards and countertops.

Ants can be difficult to contain, and it takes an expert to be sure the source of the invasion is found and eliminated. That's why it's extremely important to hire trained, professional pest control experts in Sanford and Lake Mary, FL. Gager Pest Control Inc. is a local ant exterminator. We've been handling pest removal for over 30 years, and we know how to eliminate ant colonies properly and safely.

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Extermination starts at the source

Ants are social creatures. They create colonies around the queen, and most of the ants you see are simply out finding food to bring back to the home base. You might get rid of a few ants around your home, but you're likely not attacking the origin of the problem.

Gager Pest Control Inc. takes a systematic approach. Choose us, and we'll:

  1. Pair you with a trained and professional ant exterminator
  2. Identify the source
  3. Eliminate the ants with specialized treatment
  4. Protect your home from future infestations with preventative care

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