Why are the fleas so bad at the beginning of the season?

We did not have any freezes during the winter months to kill them. Also, we had a hot and dry early summer which is the best for the fleas to breed.

What are those red and black bugs that I see outside on the side of my house in the spring?

Those are called boxelder bugs. If you have a golden rain tree around or near your house then the chances are you will see these everywhere. These are not harmful, but they can be a nuisance until the spring season ends.

Why is the fire ant bite so painful?

Fire ant bites are not a bite at all but actually a sting. They have a stinger in their tail. It is a good idea to keep a product like Benadryl on hand if you or your child is stung.

Why do the fire ants seem to move their mounds around my yard even when I try to treat them myself?

A fire ant colony has multiple Queens. In order to actually get rid of the colony, you must use a product that will kill all of the Queens. Otherwise, they will just move over a few feet and start up with the remaining Queen(s).

Why are German roaches so difficult to get rid of?

German roaches breed very quickly. Bait treatments alone will not take care of the problem. You must use a combination of products and techniques to get complete control.

I have seen what appears to be a large red and black ant with wings in my house. What are these?

You are experiencing a Carpenter ant swarm. They tend to swarm in spring and early summer months. Carpenter ants are also a part of a colony. The winged males will fly out of this colony attracted to light. They will find a way into your house. Heavy rains that come this time of year brings them into your house. Usually, they fly in the evening being attracted to the lights on in your home. When you see this happening, you know you have a Carpenter ant colony very close to your home.