Are Pests Taking Over Your Home?

Schedule pest control services in Lake Mary or Sanford, FL

Pests can hitchhike into your home on clothes, pets and even luggage. If you have pests you need to get rid of, reach out to Gager Pest Control Inc. We offer residential pest control services for clients in the Sanford and Lake Mary, FL areas. Whether you're dealing with spiders or ants, you can rest assured that we'll get rid of them for good.

Pests can carry diseases and destroy your home, so don't wait to get pest control services when you need them. Call 407-323-5465 now to make an appointment with an exterminator serving Sanford and Lake Mary, FL.

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5 signs that you need pest control services

Regular cleaning can go a long way to prevent pest infestations, but even the cleanest homes can have pest problems. Here are some indicators that you need to contact a residential pest control expert ASAP:

1.   You see droppings or bug body parts on the floor
2.   You notice gnaw marks on food packaging
3.   You find piles of wood shavings around your home
4.   You hear buzzing or clicking sounds
5.   You see the pests crawling around your home

If you notice these signs, don't try to get rid of the pests by yourself. Schedule pest control services with a professional from Gager Pest Control.