What makes Gager Pest Control, Inc. the best company for my pest control needs?

With so many exterminators and pest control companies out there, we know that it can be overwhelming to choose one that best fits your family's needs. We work hard to earn your business- and keep our customers long-term- without contracts.
Our team focuses on providing excellent service, effective pest control methods, customizing treatment for your individual situation, and ensuring you are happy with the results. Knowing that our customers have busy lives, we try to schedule convenient appointments and arrive on time. Our team is experienced and understands you may have questions or concerns. We are here to listen, answer your questions, and help you protect your family.

Who is Gager Pest Control, Inc.?

Founded by Wayne Gager, a Sandford resident, Gager Pest Control, Inc. has been in business for many years. Accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, we are a reliable, experienced, and locally-owned pest control business. We develop strong relationships with our clients and strive to keep them happy (and bug-free!) long-term. Whether you need pest control solutions for your residence or business, we are here to help. Give us a call so we can create a custom pest control plan for you.

Why should I hire a profesional? Can't I handle pest control myself?

Pest control products purchased at big-box stores will kill the pests you see, but it's more like a band-aid rather than fix. DIY pest control does not prevent infestations from reoccurring nor do those chemicals reach the critters you CANNOT see. Also, handling chemicals yourself can be harmful to your body, to your family, and household pets. Our extermination practices have been developed over years of experience and training. We are professionals and are skilled in pest control services.
When you hire Gager Pest Control, you get the skills to handle your pest issues. We can identify the pest, the cause, and the best course of treatment. We also have the skills to prevent those bugs from returning.

Are pests REALLY that dangerous to my family?

Absolutely! Rodents, insects, and other pests are a definite threat to your family. While an itchy bug bite may not seem like a huge issue, health issues as severe as deadly viruses can come from untreated pest problems. Fire ants can cause severe reactions if they bite a person allergic to their venom. Roaches can do more than make your skin crawl: their left-behind "debris" causes asthma attacks, diarrhea, and spread Salmonella. Rodents such as mice have been known to transmit over 30 diseases. Rodents also chew, damaging wood, insulation, and wiring (which can lead to a fire).

What pests are commonly found in Florida?

The humidity and warm temperatures in Florida make it an enticing home for many pests. In our experience, we've come across a wide variety of pests including silverfish, earwigs, ticks, fleas, roaches, millipedes, rodents, ants, spiders, and termites.

Once you get rid of my bugs, why should I sign up for regular service?

While we are sure you a relieved that the bugs are gone, one of the most important steps in pest control is taking proactive, preventative measures to ensure they don't return. In addition to basic things you can do such as taking out the trash and not leaving food out, our regularly scheduled appointments are vital to preventing a new pest control problem. Our specialists will not only treat your home or business, but they will also check for new infestations. If a problem arises, we will swiftly take action and address the issue. Florida has a lot of different pests, so it's easy for infestations to get out of control quickly.

Pests like to leave their mark, it seems, so there are clear signs when your home or office has guests. The most obvious sign is when you actually see the bugs, such as roaches in the kitchen or a line of ants at work. The less obvious signs are things like damage to property or paper/cardboard (which bugs like to eat), finding pest waste such as rodent droppings, or finding body parts like roach legs.
When our team completes their routine service, they will look for these signs and address the problem quickly. If you have spotted a pest, call us immediately