When Rodents Scurry Into Your Home

Schedule rodent services in Sanford, Lake Mary, FL or a nearby area

Seeing cartoon mice at theme parks are much different than seeing real ones in your home. If rodents have invaded your space, reach out to Gager Pest Control Inc. right away. We offer residential and commercial rodent control services in Sanford, Lake Mary, FL and surrounding areas. Trust us to handle any size rat or mouse infestation on your property.

Stop the squeaking with Gager Pest Control Inc. Call 407-323-5465 immediately to speak to the BEST PEST SPECIALIST in Sanford, Lake Mary, FL and surrounding areas.

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There are many telltale signs you need rodent control in Sanford or Lake Mary, FL. Get in touch with Gager Pest Control Inc. if:

1. You notice gnawed holes in your ceiling or molding.
2. You see droppings or smell urine.
3. You hear scampering inside your building.

We'll take care of your pest problem quickly to restore your peace of mind. Contact us now for prompt rodent services in Sanford or Lake Mary, FL. Be sure to ask for a FREE estimate.

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Don't let rodents chew up your home or business

Rodents are expert hiders and multipliers. In one year, rats can produce up to 60 babies. If you even suspect you have a rodent problem, get pest control services immediately from Gager Pest Control Inc. in Sanford and Lake Mary, FL. If you don't act fast to get rodent removal services, rodents could...

  • Chew through your upholstered furniture and electronics
  • Damage your property's insulation and drive up energy costs
  • Gnaw on your property's wires and cause dangerous electrical fires
  • Carry hazardous parasites and spread diseases throughout your property

Don't wait until you have bigger and more expensive problems on your hands. Get rodent removal as soon as you suspect there's an infestation. We can rid your home of rats, mice, squirrels and other harmful rodents and teach you how to prevent another infestation.

Call 407-323-5465 now to make an appointment with a pest control expert in Sanford, FL.